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We are the North-West UK regional chapter of TiE, the world's largest entrepreneurs network. Our network has tens of thousands of members, in 60 chapters spread across 18 nations, and since 1992 our mentoring programme has added over US$200 billion of net-economic-wealth to organisations around the world.

Founders Dock is our flagship state-of-the-art incubator, right in the heart of Manchester city-centre where we mentor and develop the next generation of entrepreneurial success stories.

We Foster Entrepreneurship

TiE UK North is based in Manchester, but covers the whole of the North of England including Liverpool and Preston. Our chapter has been established for almost a decade and each year we work with hundreds of businesses in the region and some of the most influential CEOs and founders.


We connect young businesses with some of the most experienced entrepreneurs (regionally and internationally) who give their time and expertise to help develop the next generation of success stories. Our mentors also connect businesses to the ecosystem of support (including funders) that they need to grow and flourish.


We hold networking events ranging from intimate round-tables and speaker led sessions, to the world’s largest annual gathering of entrepreneurs (TiECon)


We work with the top business schools and colleges in the world to deliver best in class practitioner led education, workshops, seminars and more. We also work with schools in the community getting young-people excited about entrepreneurship TiE seeks to cultivate and nurture the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and free-market economies everywhere, as it sees this to be the single most powerful instrument of prosperity.

Our Team

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News & Events.

TiE UK North holds an exciting range of activities throughout the year. Recent events have included:

  • Keynotes from CEOs of international companies
  • Workshops on issues ranging from marketing to finance, HR, technology and more
  • Influential round-table discussions and seminars
  • VIP Social events
  • Cultural and Civic events

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Join Us

Membership is open to individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. Our current members come from a diverse set of industries including IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Biotech, Legal services, Hospitality among others. TiE encourages innovation and localization at the Chapter level, so there may be several additional benefits offered at your local Chapter, but here are some of the basic benefits that most TiE Chapters offer:

• Access to TiE Events: featuring successful entrepreneurs, prominent speakers, seminars on skills development and group mentoring sessions.
• Entrepreneurship Conferences: Discounted access to some of the world’s largest Entrepreneurship Conferences worldwide, such as TiEcon, TiEcon East, TiE Entrepreneurship Summit, etc.
• Eminent Speakers: Opportunity to meet with eminent speakers successful entrepreneurs and business leaders at Speakers sessions
• Entrepreneurship Focus: Interact with those who are passionate about Entrepreneurship, and have a curiosity to learn about future trends
• Network and cultivate relationships with Charter Members – who are successful entrepreneurs who passionate about the mission of TiE, and are keen to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.
• Active Mentor Network: Access to an Active Mentor Network to get help in entrepreneurial issues such as business planning, fund raising, etc.
• One-on-one Mentoring Opportunities available throughout the year, upon request.
• Connect with serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, etc. who will be able to offer advice regarding business planning and financing strategies.
• Forum to showcase your business: TiE offers formal and informal opportunities and forums to showcase your experiences by highlighting success stories, via business competitions, etc.
• Engage with professionals who with similar quests. You will have an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs in various stages of realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.
• Members’ database: Access to Member’s zone on the TiE website which gives you access to members profiles worldwide.
• Volunteer opportunities: Preference for volunteer opportunities, which avails complimentary access to certain events.
• NOTE: TiE, as a non-profit-making organization, does not directly engage in venture capital investments.



TiE UK North, Spinningfields (Quay House), Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3JE, UK.


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You can also subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates on TiE UK North and Founders dock, together with news, events, workshops and more: click here to subscribe


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