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TiE UK North are proud to introduce MyHelpster, one of most promising start-ups in the remote support industry – and one of the newest tenants at our Founders Dock incubator at Spinningfields.


To learn more about MyHelpster, we spoke to their CEO Bjoern Wind, but first… let’s get to know the entrepreneur behind the company:

Q: Which entrepreneur do you most respect? Elon Musk

Q: Which company do you most respect? The Lego Group

Q: What technology do you think will disrupt the world in the next 5 years? Real-time speech translation

Q: What was the last book you read? All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

Q: What piece of technology could you not live without? My Laptop

Q: Your favourite way to relax? Fishing

Q: One word to describe yourself? Innovative

Q: Can you tell us about your start up?

With only three clicks on our website: MyHelpster solves any problem, answers any question and explains everything around Microsoft Office. No matter how complicated or easy it seems. We do this personally, remotely and fast for a price the customer chooses.

With that we want to save peoples’ nerve-racking experience searching for solutions on the Internet or trying to reach a friend when they have a problem with Microsoft Office. Hence, MyHelpster makes people’s lives more relaxing when using technology.


Q: Where did your idea come from, and how did you get started

The idea came up while my friend Felix and I were writing our Bachelors Thesis (autumn 2013). During that time I constantly had problems with my PC, specifically Microsoft Office. As Google usually could not help me (or I lacked the patience to search for too long), I constantly called Felix to support me. One night, after we had just handed in our Thesis, he told me about the idea to develop an on-demand support service where people get help through the phone or via remote access in case they have a question or problem with their computer. As I was the perfect customer for such a service, I said to him “that’s it. That would be a great and a very useful service”.  Well, and that’s how it started. We conducted a survey with over 1700 participants and found out that many more people had the need for such a service.

Q: What are your ambitions for your start up?

Microsoft Office and other productivity applications are just a smart way to approach the market. In general we think everywhere where technology is involved questions and problems arise and there are just some people who do not have the patience or time to solve them on their own. As every device connected to the internet can potentially be analysed via remote access, we think there is a great chance one day to support people with any kind of technology issue they have (just mentioning trends as “the internet of things”) and with that make their daily life easier, more relaxing and to empower them with a new feeling of security and control.


Q: What are your most important tips for a start up?


Q: What has been your entrepreneurial journey, and what does entrepreneurship mean to you?

I worked in several large corporations. In each one of them I saw and thought about ways to do things different and maybe better. Nevertheless the corporate career path, especially at the beginning of it, gives you only very limited abilities to change such things. Seeing that and being convinced about my doing and ideas I came to the conclusion that being an Entrepreneur is the best and only way to do things you believe in, with the full consequences: bad and good.

Entrepreneurship for me means doing what you believe is right with a real impact on people.

Q: Why Manchester?

Actually we have offices in Manchester and Berlin. Nevertheless our HQ is based in Manchester. The reason for that is the combination of having a touch point to great networks through TiE, the fact that Felix was studying here, the living expenses in contrast to London and most important the fact that our target market is the UK and made this a logical step for us.  

Posted on August 26, 2014 in Member News

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