TiE – Meet the Mentors

TiE Meet the Mentors

On 23rd May 2014, TiE UK North proudly hosted a meet the mentors evening at CLB Coopers.  This was a great opportunity for new and existing members to learn about the very heart of what TiE does; mentoring.

TiE’s mentoring programme is simple, we connect some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the region (and internationally, through our partners) to high growth young businesses.  The model works, TiE has generated over $200bn in economic value around the world doing this since the 1990s.

Mentoring in Manchester

Our event kicked off with Entrepreneur and TiE Co-President Vikas Shah talking about TiE in the North of England, and how the chapter is becoming a real hub for entrepreneurship.  Moving on to talking about the challenges of starting-up he quoted Adrienne Rich who once said, “Responsibility to yourself means that you don’t fall for shallow and easy solutions… It means that you refuse to sell your talents and aspirations short, simply to avoid conflict and confrontation…

Adam Soliman, Founder of Charbrew then talked about his experiences building a tea business from scratch with the help of TiE mentoring, encouraging everyone to get involved with “TiE, a fantastic organisation to really grow your business…

Entrepreneur and TiE Co-President, Walli Ullah then introduced more detail about our mentoring programme, “Mentoring is how be bring value to young entrepreneurs…” he said, “everyone in our network is an entrepreneur, and my job as head of mentoring is a bit like being a marriage broker!“  Walli has mentored a number of startup businesses with TiE, and introduced one of his longest standing mentees.

John Macaulay, Founder of The Alchemy Agency.  John finished an MBA at Manchester University before launching his events business, “There’s only so much you much you can learn in the classroom, you learn by doing…” he said, before giving the five most important things he gets from mentoring:

  1. Reduced Isolation – a connection with his mentor and other entrepreneurs, to talk about his problems, ideas and to combat the loneliness of being a company founder.
  2. Insight - the ability to learn from the experience of others
  3. Networks – the phenomenal value of the networks of other people
  4. Thinking-Big – the constant encouragement to be ambitious
  5. Reflection – the ability to reflect on successes and failures.  

TiE is a no-brainer for entrepreneurs…” he concluded, encouraging people to get involved!

Entrepreneur Tariq Marfani, a TiE Board Member then talked of his experiences as a mentor.  “What I get from being a mentor is the joy of seeing my mentees succeed…” he said, “It also helps me get enthused about my own business and in many ways makes me a better manager for my own businesses.

Dharmesh Bhayani, Founder of MadeByZen Home Fragrance Brand who is being mentored by Tariq then shared his experiences.  “These guys will give you the earth and they won’t charge you a penny…” he said, “my mentor is my springboard, someone to discuss ideas with…

Mentoring Works

Mentoring is an essential part of the entrepreneurship journey, it gives founders a co-pilot to bounce ideas off, share problems with and to encourage, support and develop them on their entrepreneurship journey.  TiE is one of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurship networks and has decades of stories with entrepreneurs coming with just an idea, and leaving with incredible journeys and successes.

All of this, for just £50.00 per year….. interested? why not join us

With thanks to CLB Coopers for their hosting of our event, and Adam Soliman for the photos.

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